Motion Graphics

What are motion graphics?

Simply put, motion graphics are graphics that combine the use of video footage and animation to create the illusion of motion. Our graphics are then combined with audio; usually a professional voice over and music.

Over the past 10 years the popularity of motion graphics on television has risen dramatically due to technological advances and the cost of producing them lowering considerably. Nowadays motion graphics are everywhere; throughout television commercials, online videos and most recently augmented reality pop up installations. In modern productions if motion graphics are not present, it’s usually a pretty boring video.
How can I use motion graphics?

We can bring life and animation to company logos, graphs, facts & figures, instructional material, product concepts and even digital prototypes. It’s infinitely versatile.

As modern processes and technology become more advanced (such as computers or pharmaceuticals) it becomes harder to explain them in a traditional video. Motion graphics are needed to illustrate and reinforce the key points that are being made. For example you would use motion graphics to clearly explain molecular processes as it would be impossible to film. If you need to produce a video about a product or service that is not yet available, it may be easier to use motion graphics to demonstrate the concept.

Motion graphics can bring a new life to your company logo.


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